Career Transition

Whether you are transitioning a few people or many, Calfe & Associates LLC has the resources and expertise to assist you in planning an effective restructuring strategy and successfully manage the transition process from start to finish. Our methodology allows candidates to turn their career transition into an opportunity. We believe that participants must assume ownership in managing their careers and our process allows them to plan, focus, and measure their actions throughout the transition.

When a changing market, structure or mission calls for restructuring, you need to feel comfortable with the firm tasked with assisting you in this process. 100% of our clients are highly satisfied with our ability to strategically partner with them to ensure a successful outcome for the outplacement process from executives through front-line staff.

As an organization you should be asking key questions when planning a downsizing event:

Calfe & Associates
  • How can we manage this event while maintaining our reputation in the community and the ability to attract new talent in the future?
  • What challenges will be facing during the downsizing event?
  • What outcomes do we wish to achieve?
  • Do we have a process in play for the notification and separation of employees? Do we need additional training?

Calfe & Associates LLC can help with all of these questions and have comprehensive programs to support your initiatives from the Pre-Event Planning to Notification to Transition Services and Survivor Productivity. We have a comprehensive range of offerings that are customized to the levels of the impacted employee as well as to your cultural norms and budgets. Our approach includes one-on-one individualize coaching; virtual and in-person seminars; resume postings; and related online research programs.

Involving Calfe & Associates LLC at the first indication of a Reduction-In-Force (RIF) will result in a smoother transition. We have over 25 years of experience in well-established and innovative techniques to support you and your employees. We'll be there to address employee reactions, counsel them toward their next steps and get them started on the path to their next opportunity by connecting them with a Calfe & Associates LLC certified career coach.

The separation of a senior executive presents a complex set of considerations for them and for the organization. Our programs are fully customized and deliver individualized one-on-one content and assistance for high-profile executives. In addition to working with a Senior Career Coach, they are introduced to a network of professionals that can provide business intelligence and networking opportunities.

Directors and Managers are key members of the leadership team. Oftentimes, their focus is to find work quickly and commensurate with the responsibilities and compensation they received. Job search skills such as an accomplishment driven resume and effective interview skills may need fine tuned. We have a comprehensive range of offerings that are customized to the levels of the impacted employees. Our offerings are structured using milestones and quantifiable benchmarks, but are adaptable to generational preferences, learning styles, and personal situations.

Non-exempt and hourly employees are very resilient, but may need to learn the basic processes involved in the job search. They may need assistance in packaging their skills or knowing where to look for their next job; along with sharpening their interviewing techniques. This is a combination of group and individual coaching that allows for personal interaction.