Resume Consultation

A job search demands professional resumes and a digital presence. Your resume is your first impression to potential employers, clients and board members. clients. It is the tool used to elevate your career and potentially your financial status. Resumes are the foundation to your career and how others view you for that first impression. It is critical that your resume is representative of what is being viewed today and not come across as outdated.

A job search also requires more digital media skills. Job recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary job board to post vacancies and review potential candidates and your profile should reflect your professional career. LinkedIn has become one of the listings over 75,000 career vacancies in the tris-state area. Because of this, your resume needs to be clear and concise. 

Calfe & Associates LLC has over 25 years’ experience crafting resumes for all levels of professionals – from those just leaving school to those up for a C-Suite position. We specialize in communicating your strengths and the value you bring to the table. We take the time to discuss your goals, work experience, education, skills and motivations. We also discuss why you made the moves you did in your career path. All of this gives us a clearer picture of where you are now in your career and what kind of resume will suit you best.

Let’s Get Started

Contact Calfe & Associates LLC for Initial Consultation & Price Commitment 

If you have a resume, please attach it in PDF format and send to [email protected] so that we can determine your style. If you do not have one, please do not stress - we will be able to craft you a professional resume from our conversations.  Upon receipt, we will contact you to discuss your requirements and goals. 

We will work directly with you via your personal email and phone number to craft your resume. If there are times that are better suited for your schedule, please let us know and we will do our best to contact you during those times.

In 72 hours – after the initial contact you will have a first draft of your resume. Please note that there may be multiple drafts of your resume to get you to your final copy.

We would also like you to complete the following in preparation for that first call.

What You'll Receive

Every document will be delivered directly to you via the speed and convenience of email so you can immediately evaluate.

You'll receive a Word file copy to print. You can open and edit this document yourself, so it will be easy to tweak
over the years.

You'll also get a PDF version of the document that you can easily send to employers via email attachments.