Why Choose US

At Calfe & Associates LLC, our goal is to maximize value by providing services that are the best in the industry. As seasoned Professionals with extensive, real world experience in transforming and building high-performance organizations and teams for Fortune 500, small- to mid- to large-sized companies and entrepreneurial organizations; our experiences are diverse and include many industries. We are recognized as the premier provider of personalized and tailored outplacement and consulting solutions that focus on the individual and offer progressive winning strategies to help you succeed. Calfe & Associates LLC is committed to delivering services that are customized to meet the individual needs of the client. We tailor each and every program to your directives and goals. We are fortunate to have collaborated with performance savvy clients as we have honed our skill set and experience. Our strong reputation has been earned because we:

Calfe & Associates
  • Recommend practical, value-added solutions that deliver results.
  • Shape desired behaviors, accountability and outcomes through effective strategies, plans and best practices from creation to execution.
  • Are mindful of and sensitive to each client's culture, goals and needs and expectations.
  • Genuinely care about, listen to, and emotionally connect with our clients as we help them achieve their greatest potential.
  • Built and led successful organizations and teams prior to becoming consultants.

Calfe & Associates' clients know that achieving performance excellence requires a strong commitment, a solid plan, savvy execution plus a trusted partner to provide thoughtful, step-by-step guidance. We earned this trust by delivering to promise and we hope to earn your trust too!