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  • Have you recently been part of an organizational restructuring or downsizing, and faced with the decision of finding a new job?
  • Do you no longer find your job rewarding, but you're not sure what career would be better?
  • Are you a recent college graduate lacking clarity of what to do now?
  • Does your career have you feeling trapped?
  • Would you like to again feel passionate about your career?

The truth is that you don't have to settle for less, staying in a job that is not ideal for where you are now; or settling for a job that is not the right fit because you are afraid there is nothing else available.

We can help you create your own path to a career you both desire and deserve. Let's work together to define where you are now, where you want to be, and what steps you need to take to have a job that is satisfying, rewarding, and enjoyable!

Whether you're an established professional already part of a specific industry or field, or you're a recent college graduate just beginning your career search, I can help you identify the perfect career for you. We'll examine your interests, your talents, your dreams, and your goals for the future. We'll identify the barriers that currently prevent you from attaining your goal, and we'll give you the techniques to overcome them. We are with you, each step of the way. We will work with you until you reach your desired outcomes and feel secure in the knowledge that you are able to find a position that fits your criteria.

As a certified career coaching firm, we've been assisting people in finding or changing careers to attain their greatest career dreams for over eleven years, empowering them to identify their ideal career and find their own path to obtain it. We'll help you gain clarity, self-confidence, and the knowledge to succeed in the career of your dreams.

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Developing leaders is a vital investment and an important step in ensuring continued growth for your business. Achieving leadership status and sustaining organizational excellence is not a one-time event. Excellence is a journey that requires unwavering commitment, hard work and continuous adjustments to market, technology, industry, economic and company changes. Successful leaders, those who deliver exceptional results on a consistent basis, develop the inner quality necessary to become the kind of leader that others want to follow.

In order to effectively build a global leader capacity, organizations must continually identify, develop, nurture and retain their leaders as part of their ongoing strategy.

Calfe & Associates' leadership development expertise enables you to address a wide range of requirements related to identifying and developing leaders at all levels of your organization; or, assisting those develop the tools they need to be exceptional leaders. We will work with you to develop the skills and competencies needed to execute a formal management performance process.

We provide coaching programs for those individuals who are assimilating into new positions as well as those who would like to enhance their current performance. Our focus is on sustainable behavior change and skill building with measurable results.

Calfe & Associates

Our coaching programs and leadership development initiatives include competencies such as goal setting and establishing expectations, coaching for improved results, providing feedback, and planning for individual development.